Tips to protect Eyes of your Children during Online Classes

Msc (psychology), Clinical Set up
@Islaah Center for Psychological Wellness
  • Before starting online classes you should take the child for eye checkup and see if they are fine.
  • Most of the children are attending online classes for the first time, give them time to adjust to new system. Do not put too much pressure on the child they will slowly get adapted.
  • It’s best to sit with a child until the online class get adjusted and help them to place phone and laptops to the comfortable level to their eyes.
  • Kids with problem in their eyesight must wear glasses during online class. For children who use Power Glasses, it is best to check with the doctor regularly.
  • Looking at a smartphone with a smaller screen for longer time will increase strain to your eyes. So it would be better to have a large screen in the Horizontal mode to attend the online class (TV or laptop or desktop computer can be used).
  • Use larger fonts while using smartphones
  • The distance between your child’s eye and your smartphone should be organized in healthy manner
  • Don’t use smart phone very close to your face and while lying down
  • The black letters on the white surface are good for the eyes. Fluctuations in pixels and continuous changes in background color can cause eye irritation.
  • Don’t hold the phone in your hand while attending classes. Use phone holders to keep the phone. After fixing the phone screen in Horizontal mode you can view the classes. Tabs can also be used in the same way in the stands.
  • Take breaks in between the online classes. Teach your child to wash his/her eyes and drink water during the breaks.
  • The light in the room where the child is sitting for the online class should be adjusted healthy. Adjust the brightness requirements of the smartphone settings accordingly. This will remove the irritation from the phone light to eyes. Adjust the contrast of phone.
  • Digital screens, including a smartphone, should not be used in the dark. Working with blue lights of smartphone with no lighting around can cause strain, visual impairments and also sleeping problem.
  • Changes to smartphone settings can be made according to the availability of light. The eyes are constantly expanding and narrowing as each webpage in different colors and fonts shifts into dim light, which will strain the eyes. If you need to use a smartphone at night, it is best to use night mode.
  • Do not allow children to use a smart phone again after an online class. During these post-study periods, you can avoid digital screens and can participate in games. Participate in such games where you will get some physical exercises. You can even play in the balcony or terrace of the house. When classes are online, let the entertainments be offline.
  • Family members should avoid the habit of using a smartphone at night time. Parents and other family members should remember that you are the role models for your children. It is you who should guide them.