Suicide and Its Prevention

Msc (psychology), NLP
@Islaah Center for Psychological Wellness

It is the time of epidemic, many crises can come apart from disease. Those who feel the need to end their lives should be prepared to be guided strongly by the feeling that they are not alone. This is the recommendation of the World Health Organization on this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10). Through the ‘Together We Can’ campaign, the WHO is targeting defend against the scourge of self-indulgence.

One lakh and forty thousand people committed suicide in India last year. Six per cent of them were in Kerala. The suicide rate in Kerala was 24.3 per lakh and the national average is only 10.4. We rank fifth among Indian states in this list of rates.

It is estimated that 25 times as many people commit suicide and escape without dying. This year, however, there are indications that the difficulties created by covid and Lockdown are leading to more stress and suicide.

Let’s find out in the beginning and help them

    • If anyone in our circle of acquaintances feels suicidal, feel free to ask them. Somewhat open-minded talk can help them from suicide
    • If we feel the person has suicidal tendency, they should try to prevent all the possible ways which can lead to suicide.
    • There should be a method of not giving poison for agricultural purposes without the prescription of the Agriculture Officer.
    • Mobile toxicology centers should be made available as in developed countries
    • Services should be ensured for those who are going through such a situation as part of suicide prevention activities.
    • We need to have facilities like support group in all states of our country

Covid mental health policies essentials

Covid period is crucial for suicide. The recession, job lose and the return of expatriates will all be factors. Therefore, mental health policies should be introduced to overcome covid.

Seek help

Everyone turns to suicide because of different problems. When you are disturbed with constant thoughts, you should approach the counselor and seek the necessary treatment.