Student Teacher Relationship

M A Psychology,
Training Head
@Islaah Center for Psychological Wellness

The relationship between a teacher and a student plays an important role in an individual’s life. If the relationship is positive the student may love the subject that the teacher teaches and try his best to score good marks, to meet his teacher’s expectations. But if the teacher fails to make a good or positive relationship with the student he may end up hating that particular subject for life. Many of us still remember our teachers in a good or a bad way, “don’t we?”

Teachers need to understand that a healthy and positive teacher student relationship has a great impact on a student’s self-identity and sense of belonging. This is one of the major reasons why it is emphasized that a single teacher should teach all the subjects to students during their early years.

Students’ typically spend more than 7 hours in a school and the bond that they build with their teacher is special for them. A lot of teachers have the ability to connect with their students, nurture their curiosities, interests and good habits. When a teacher succeeds in developing and maintaining a good relationship the learning process becomes a cake walk. This often helps in tackling problems like absenteeism, class room behavior management.

Have a discussion ones in a while to know your students perspective about your teaching techniques and what are their expectations. Interactive classes where both the teacher and the student are involved prove to be effective. Teachers can share their personal stories if they are appropriate and inspiring. However a teacher and student both should know their boundaries. They should know that their relationship is not equal to “friendship”. Social media and personal interactions should be avoided by each other and if required should be restricted to education purpose only.

Building positive relationships with students can help teachers, too. 25-40% of new teachers are likely to leave the education field within five to six years. But building positive relationship with students can reduce this number. Teachers will believe in themselves and come to know how their career can change lives. Interacting with your students and helping them with their individual struggles will bring a sense of fulfillment to “YOU”.