Reassuring Gratitude in a Global Pandemic

M.A, PSY.D in Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychologist
@Islaah Center for Psychological Wellness

It’s always good to expect the unexpected the current pandemic is the best set example for it. The world has changed now people are learning to survive on basic needs than wants and desires and settle with what they have just to save their lives. Indeed life is much more precious than anything in this world.

Life which is given by the almighty we need to be thankful for because when you don’t have a gratitude for things you have you will not know the importance of it and doesn’t know how grateful you should be for not having something like illness or diseases, work, money, family and friends.

This global pandemic is a best time to count your blessing, instead of cribbing and crying over the lockdown and restriction be grateful for the time we have got to work on ourselves which we use to postponed complaining about the work and time, time we got to spend with our family, time to get closer to god.

We need to think about front liners who are on their toes to serve the society when everyone is said to “stay home to stay safe” people like doctors, paramedical, police, and other government officials. It’s our duty to show our gratitude to them and their families whose lives are at stake to safe people.

Few psychological ways to reassure gratitude:

      • List down the things you should be thankful for
      • Accept the situations as they come
      • Help someone
      • Thank someone who helped
      • Pray and meditate