Keep a check on your coping mechanism

M.A, Psychology
Clinical psychologist
@Islaah Center for Psychological Wellness

Stress and anxiety have become a part of our lives in today’s world. If we want to match our pace with our counter parts we need to be really good at keeping a balance in our life. So how do you think we can achieve a balance in life and be less bogged with negativity around us? It is possible only if we have a good coping mechanism.

Coping mechanism is a conscious effort that is put in by an individual to deal with negative events such as loss of a partner, divorce, miscarriage, accident and many more which hinders his psychological wellbeing. These coping mechanisms are often used to deal with positive events too. An individual who is getting married may be going through a lot of stress and anxiety, having a child is a happy moment for a parent but the responsibility and expenses that comes with it may be demanding for a young couple. Depending on the situation people use positive combination of thoughts, behavior and emotions to adjust and adapt to the changes.

There are different types of coping mechanisms that can be used such as:

      • Self-care – Pamper yourself by going to a spa or give yourself a makeover. Walking, jogging, swimming and meditation (offering Salah is also a form of meditation) are all stress busters and will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
      • Sleep Routine – Try going to bed and waking up at the same time daily. This will make your body and mind accustomed to the routine. Avoid doing any mentally challenging work before bed time.
      • Confide in some one – Talk about what is bothering you to someone close who is always there for you. This helps in reducing the negative impact of stress and anxiety on you.
      • Positive self-talk – keep telling to yourself affirmative words like “I can do it “, “I deserve to be happy “, “I need to be calm”. This will help boost your confidence and thinking process.
      • Keep calm and focus on the positives – At times it may happen that the most confident among us who are ready to face any challenge with positivity and zeal may encounter setbacks. To avoid this you constantly need to be in touch with yourself where in you analyze your strengths and work on your weakness.

It is a learning process wherein you need to get accustomed to the environment and develop your coping mechanism to deal with events that may hinder your growth and effect your relationships.