“Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything.”

Every day we come across people from different walks of life – Some we feel like interacting with over and over again and some, we dread getting in contact with.

It is essential that we acknowledge and imbibe good etiquette, so as to spread positivity and ease in not only our lives but also the life of those we come in contact with.

Here are some etiquette that you could use anytime and anywhere in your life.

General Etiquette

  • Listening is very important. It doesn’t mean you must keep mute during a conversation, but showing a keen interest in the discussion and interjecting at an appropriate timing depicts that you are on the same page as the speaker
  • While having a conversation or in a gathering, focus on the person who’s talking – keep your mind as open and receptive as possible. Meddling with objects around or phone is just a test of patience for the person wanting your attention

Workplace Etiquette 

  • Timing is very important. Always keep to time when honoring a meeting, event etc. When you show up late, it says so much about your personality and the kind of regard you show to important things 
  • While you are in a meeting, it’s advisable to leave your phone on silent mode or put the cell phone off. It’s better to respond to urgent calls by text rather than excusing yourself too often to pick calls. Keep the phone upside down to avoid distractions.

Social Media Etiquette

  • Posting your personal conversations and arguments on social networking sites isn’t appropriate. This can be done privately in your inbox rather than bringing such awful conversation to the public.
  • Do not become a spammer by bombarding your contacts with irrelevant and unnecessary forwarded messages.

Public Etiquette

  • Show some regard by thanking the driver for a taxi ride or auto ride etc.
  • As a commuter, a young person who is able bodied is expected to give an elderly person or a woman carrying children his or her seat rather than leave them in less comfort.

Etiquette at Gatherings

  • When your family is invited to visit at a friend or relative, make it a duty to help with some clean up and rearrange, especially when the kids play and displace things around etc.
  • Watch your manners when you make use of the cell phone. Being loud on the phone is a lot of disturbance to those around you. You are more likely to cause some distractions or disrupt other people’s concentration

Sadia Bushra Akhtar
Corporate Trainer
LEARN Maximum/Wisdom Collaborative