Encouraging Better Behavior in Children

M.A, Psychology
Clinical psychologist
@Islaah Center for Psychological Wellness

Learning begins soon after a baby is born. As parents we need to understand our toddlers, their needs, their likes – dislikes, what is it that makes them happy or sad? This will help us to instill positive attitude and good behavior in our children.

Fathers are no less than a super hero for a kid and mothers are wonder woman. So if you want to continue being your child’s idol you need to focus on your own personality and behavior. Because your young one is going to learn life’s simple and hard lessons and how to deal with them by observing you all along his growing years.

A positive approach is the best way to guide your child. Appreciating and giving attention to your child when he behaves well is the first step towards your goal.

    • Be a role model for your child. Lead by example, this means if you want your child to say ‘’please ‘’and ‘’thank you’’, then you should be saying it often.
    • Give clear and simple instructions as to what you are expecting of them.
    • Make your child feel important by giving them simple chores which they can do, praising them for their effort will boost their self-esteem and also make them responsible from a young age.
    • Try to get your child closer to you when you want to tune in to their feelings and thoughts. This way you will have your child’s complete attention and focus.
    • Listen actively and respond to your child by nodding and by repeating his sentence “it sounds like you feel sad that your toy car is not working’’. This helps children in venting out their emotions, deal with tension and temper tantrums can be avoided.
    • Keep your promises, this will help your child trust and respect you.
    • Avoid nagging your child for doing something, rather instruct and remind them of the consequences and count till 3.
    • Talk to your children often about family rules and their responsibilities. This keeps them aware of their role in the house and that team work is the most important thing.

There are no golden rules to parenting children. Each of us learn, experience and grow with our children. Always remember that as humans we are bound to make mistakes but then we also learn from them.